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Labour mep ‘disturbed’ A labour mep has revealed she is disturbed by some of her party tms austerity measures in government. Nessa childers spoke out as she launched a new report that claimed the poor and vulnerable have been unfairly attacked in government cuts and tax hikes across europe. The study revealed there are higher levels of child poverty, youth unemployment and longterm unemployment in five countries bailed out during the economic crisis”Ireland, greece, italy, portugal and spain. Elsewhere, poverty among the employed was highest in ireland standing at 14.2%, it found. I would say ashamed is too strong a word, i would be disturbed by some of the things i see happening in the irish government and presided over by the labour party, ms childers said. I am not a member of the irish government but i consider it my responsibility to attempt to influence those policies because i represent people in ireland as well out in europe. Sean healy, director of social justice ireland, said his study shows austerity policies implemented in countries in crisis has disproportionately impacted on people who are poor and vulnerable, while failing to address the huge levels of unemployment. He called for people to be put ahead of financial institutions and for the common good to be put at the heart of economic policies. The study clearly sets out the scale of the challenge being faced by policy makers and makes proposals for action they should adopt immediately, he added. The report”The impact of the european crisis”Is the first to provide an indepth examination of the impact current policies are having on people in the eu countries worst effected by the economic crisis. It was carried out for caritas europa, a network of 49 social justice and catholic charities. Former green party politician deirdre de burca, now social policy director with the organisation, said charities across europe have desperate families in need of basic food and clothing. She revealed she is watching the role of the labour party with dismay because of the clear parallels of what happened to the greens, who she admitted imposed policies they were not comfortable with where the economic analysis was not clear. I think the View More same thing is happening now, she said. The willingness to go along with the logic of austerity, that austerity is somehow going to allow the various european economies to recover in time and i think it requires a leap of faith. The report, launched in the european parliament offices in dublin, found unemployment reached an historically high level of 25.7 million people 10.6% of the True Religion Womens Jeans labour force in Europe in September 2012, with youth unemployment standing at over 50% in Spain. It recommended that economic and social policies be integrated at eu level, and for stronger leadership at eu level to address the risk of poverty being experienced by particular groups. Elsewhere it wants social monitoring in place for countries in eu/imf programmes, eu funds to play a bigger role in addressing poverty and for the eu to increase the involvement of civil society organisations in governance. Fr healy warned high levels of child poverty can not be eradicated unless households are taken off the breadline, and he raised concerns about the number of working families in dire need. Poverty among those who have a job manifests itself in a variety of different ways, he said. Adults are having to make really difficult choices, for example between food and fuel in a difficult winter. I have seen situations where parents go hungry because they want their children to have food and rockincaputh Jeans to have access to education. The human rights campaigner said people are also skipping prescription medications and health care after charges were introduced. There are people who think 10 is nothing, they can give it in a tip at the end of a meal or something, fr healy added. Ten euro for somebody who has a poverty level of income is extraordinarily challenging. If anything goes wrong or there tms a crisis or they get sick and there tms an additional bill then they are in real trouble and under pressure to go to money lenders who charge an enormous amount of money. The consequences are huge and can be avoided if we had a proper set of policies that were built on the basis of putting people ahead of financial institutions.

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Kjp releases first list of candidates Bangalore, march 21:The karnataka janata paksha(Kjp)Headed by former chief minister b s yeddyurappa on thursday released its first list of 69 candidates for the may 5 assembly polls. Beating the ruling bjp and the opposition congress in the move, yeddyurappa Cheap Traininginfinance Handbags told reporters that he will fight from his traditional shikaripura constituency in shimoga district. The former chief minister’s trusted lieutenant shobha karandlaje, whose name figures in the list announced a day after the election commission declared the single phase poll schedule, will contest from rajajinagar in bangalore. Out of the 69 candidates, three are women, 14 belong to the sc and eight to the st, besides three muslims and a christian, yedurappa said. The congress, the bjp and the jds are still engaged in the process of selecting candidates. Kjp will not have truck with any other party and will contest all 224 assembly seats, said yeddyurappa, whose party did damage to the bjp in the recently concluded urban local bodies polls, but failed to make a mark on its own. “I am confident that the party will gain majority,”He said. Kjp is in touch with prokannada and various other organisations fighting for the cause Traininginfinance Hamilton Tote of state’s land, water and farmers, he said adding,”We have had three rounds of talks with these organisations and they have expressed their eagerness to join hands with us. ” Asked when other bjp ministers and legislators, apart from those who had already joined hands with him, are expected to join the kjp, yeddyurappa added,”Wait and watch. “For latest updates and breaking news, follow us on facebook and twitter.

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Kelpie wilson If president obama gets a new start on his presidency in 2010, then progressive, liberal americans should also get a”Doover”On our activism in support of real change.We need a chance to throw our own tea party.I’m calling it tea party 2.0 and I have a Facebook page! First of all, let’s be honest.We were all so exhausted after eight years of bush and so impressed with ourselves that we elected the first africanamerican president, that we decided it was okay to take a nice long break early last year.I don’t know how else to explain the fact that moveon didn’t start a real push for the public option until sarah palin’s tea party screamers had done ‘shock and awe’ all over democrats in the august town hall meetings and health care reform was left on life support in the er. With glenn beck claiming to channel tom paine and all the rest of the conservative pantheon spouting nonstop contentfree rage, the tea party movement successfully tapped into the righteous anger of a good chunk of middle class america. Middle class america has a lot to be angry about.Unfortunately the tea party is turning that anger against the wrong targets.They have one very abstract and very meaningless target: “Big government spending”And one very concrete but blameless target:Immigrants. The pantheon knows that the tea party lacks substance and threatens to go off the rails and do something crazy like fly a plane into an irs office building.In his february 17 talking points bill o’reilly warned tea partier’s about their nut job tendencies and reminded them to stay on message.He gave them their talking points one more time: Look at it this way:There’s no question america is heading towards bankruptcy.We owe $13 trillion.We can never pay that money back.Also, there’s no question the federal government allowed millions of illegal immigrants to come to the usa.For decades, the feds didn’t try to stop that.Also, the obama administration wants to change the economy with strict federal regulations and guidelines.That’s what health care is all about.That’s what capandtrade is all about. That’s the entire tea party platform.As progressives, or liberals, we believe middle class americans need to focus their anger not so much on government but on the people who pull the strings the bankers and the giant corporations, especially oil, coal and weapons.Wall street and big oil are the enemies of freedom, not liberals and democrats. By rights, we should be the ones using the tea party symbolism in our movement.That’s why i am proposing tea party 2.0 No Representation Without Taxation.The boston tea party was not about abolishing all government and all taxes, it was about the legitimacy of the taxes and the government.The colonies had no representation in the british parliament, so why should they pay taxes?In america today we have the reverse problem.Those with the most representation the corporations and the rich have the lightest tax burden, compared to what they get for their money.Remember, what they get is the right to operate wall street like a casino, the right to ship our jobs overseas and the right to charge us two or three times what people in other countries pay for quality health care. Tea party 2.0 has three demands: Tax the rich.Obscene profits and corporate bonuses have no place in a democracy. Abolish the us senate.The senate is undemocratic.Most senators represent corporations, not you and me. Medicare for all.We have a great need to cut through all the crap on health care and propose something that everyone can understand medicare for all. Glenn beck’s tea party would call these demands socialist or communist.Glenn beck would quote thomas paine: “That government is best which governs least. “But you will never catch glenn beck saying a word about thomas paine’s plan to tax wealthy landowners and redistribute the income to poor youth born without”Landed property. ” Thomas paine would have supported medicare for all.He would also have been in favor of abolishing the senate.According to howard zinn(In the people’s history of the united states),”Paine had denounced the socalled balanced government of lords and commons as a deception and called for singlechamber representative bodies where the people could be represented. “John adams felt otherwise and opposed the singlechamber body claiming”It must produce confusion and every evil work. ” John adams was wrong.Today it is the senate and its unequal representation and its filibuster rule that is blocking the body politic like an intestinal infarction.In”What democracy?The case for abolishing the united states senate” (Harpers, april 2004)Richard n.Rosenfeld wrote: “Americans believe in the idea of democracy.We fight wars in its name and daily pledge allegiance to its principles.Curiously, the fervor with which we profess our faith in democracy is matched only by the contempt with which we regard our politics and politicians.How interesting that we should so dislike the process that we claim to revere.Perhaps, however, our unhappiness with politics points to something significant;Perhaps americans dislike the daily reality of their political system precisely because it falls short of being a proper democracy. ” Without the senate, we would already have health care reform with the public option passed by the house in november.We would already have a cap and trade system to put us on the path to a low carbon, clean energy economy passed by the house last july.It is the senate that is responsible for much”Confusion and evil work. ” The american revolution briefly united wealthy landowners and poor workers and farmers into a fighting force that drove the british from this land and created a new nation.The interests of both rich and poor have rarely been so aligned since then.The wealthy landowners moved quickly to temper the democratic demands of the masses, resulting in institutions like the senate. But a few of the founding fathers were able to articulate the vision of a truly just and democratic society.Those people and those words still inspire us today, so let’s reclaim thomas paine from the tea party mugwumps and raise his words as the standard of tea party 2.0.This moral vision is perhaps the last thing we have that can unite us as a nation.It would be criminal to allow the fox news pundits, servants of big oil and wall street, to pervert these last vestiges of our patriotic heritage. As tom paine said,”Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered;Yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, traininginfinance the more glorious the triumph. ” This april 15th, let’s issue a tea party call to tax the rich.I hear that the tea party movement is internally divided and confused.Let’s stir it up even more.Wouldn’t it be something to see the people, left and right, all together in the streets, crying for democracy?The tea party belongs to all of us.We have more in common than we think. Maybe i’ll see you at a tea party.Or maybe i’ll just see you on my facebook page:Tea party 2.0. If you are old enough you will remember the days when the republicans were always bemoaning the size of the national debt, which suddenly stopped around the time reagan came in.It reappeared as a party platform in 2010, but the republicans still even refuse to appoint a commission to analyze the problem. Did this actually happen?Let us review: When reagan took office the national debt was $1.5 trillion;When george hw bush left it was $6.5T. It actually went down about $500 million under clinton. Traininginfinance Bags Sale W rammed though a number of giant tax cuts while deficit spending on two wars and by the time he left(Including the bailout)The debt had swelled to about $11.5 trillion, about 70% of our Gross Domestic Product, which is getting up into worrisome land. But we are not nearing bankruptcy.How”Bad”The debt is, is measured by the size of the debt to our gross domestic product(About $16.5 trillion)After wwii the debt/gdp ratio was %120 and we managed to pay that off in about a decade.

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Justice for the movement It is a great decision.So many youths have sacrificed their lives for the demand.Selfimmolation was a unique form of protest adopted by the people.In all, 370 people were shot dead in 1969 during the protests. This movement is dear to all the people of telangana.Now, the congress has done justice to this struggle of six long decades. Two to three months.Congress is a political party and it will benefit thousand per cent by this decision.The people of andhra and telangana have different cultures.We were never emotionally and psychologically integrated.We don have any sort of animosity or ill will against any one.We have never asked for an extra piece of land or drop of water. Your chief minister(Kiran reddy)And the pradesh congress president(Botcha satyanarayana)Are not from the telangana region.Do you think this will hamper the process? No, it will not.The congress high command has taken a decision and now it is the responsibility of every congress worker to abide by it. Hyderabad is proposed as capital of both the states Traininginfinance Jet Set Bags for 10 years.How long will the process of finding a new capital take? The common man in andhra pradesh is more concerned about livelihood.Only some politicians are concerned about hyderabad.A new capital city will be formed in five to six years.Every settler in hyderabad is part of the city and Cheap Traininginfinance Handbags part of telangana.It is the party and the new government responsibility to protect the people of the city.

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Just See results about polo be the economy Don’t miss:Addict writes own obituarywhy obama’s speech failedreview:Iphone’s slick ios 7′worst pot politician’proof of bigfoot?Mill valley film festpresident is already pulling a bit of a hat trick, managing to sustain higher popularity than either or when they were stuck in ecoNomic doldrums.The bad ecoNomy pulls down his ratings on job performance, and this reflects the frustration of the public and widespread discouragement about the future.With the effectively blocking any potential stimulus, and the entire bent on being the party of”No”After all, it swept them into office last november, even if the country as a whole was damagedmany commentators have jumped on a new bandwagon. Whereas the presidential prospects for the in”High noon”And run the bad guys out of town by standing up to them.But real leaders aren’t sheriffs, and the right wing doesn’t see itself as bad guys. From the beginning of his administration, facing very tough times ahead, obama has seen, quite rightly, that a leader fulfills the needs of his followers.There are three needs that serve as the foundation of a healthy society, as they do for a Lauren Polo Ralph healthy individual. 1.Security:The country needs to be free of anxiety, with a sense that normal life isn’t overshadowed by threats.It’s been ten years since 9/11, a massive cause for insecurity, and fear has doubled because of the economy.The president has consistently refused to give in to anxiety, maintaining that with the right stimulus packages, jobs programs, government support of failing sectors in the economy, reduction in foreclosures, and alert monetary policy, we will emerge from this recession stronger than ever Let’s leave aside whether people actually feel more secure.Obviously there is pessimism and real hurt in the land.The critical question for the 2012 election is how well the republicans are doing about this primary need for security.Their tactic, continued from the bush era, is to increase our nervousness.The sky is always falling down on the right wing.An endemic problem like the national debt is blown up into a threealarm fire right this minute.Not a single republican, with the possible exception of, offers a reassuring tone, and if the american public allows this lack to sink in, it will count. 2.Achievement:Life needs to be productive, with a sense of meaning and accomplishment. For decades AmericanAchievement was a given;We led the world in accomplishments on all fronts, and american exceptionalism was recognized globally.Now the trend is against us.The rise of china and india, the loss of manufacturing at home, a sudden drop into permanent unemployment for millions of minority and older workersall these factors make the public feel that the country isn’t moving in the right direction. Obama has been fulfilling this need by rooting for the american spirit(As every president must, some with greater or lesser success), promising a better future, and offering economic stimulus and jobs programs.He constantly points to a new future of innovation, restored infrastructure, stronger research and development and renewable energy.He doesn’t attack globalism but faces the fact that global competition means that change must come to america. Again, the issue isn’t whether his efforts have been entirely successful but what the republicans are doing on the same front.Their response is reactionary.They trumpet jingoistic slogans while hunkering down for a grim tomorrow.They block any kind of stimulus, viable jobs programs, renewable energy and so on.In 2012 this lack will either sink in with the electorate or it won’t. 3.Unity and community:The third basic need is the feeling that you belong, that a greater society wants you and that you are not left behind.To fulfill this need, the president has talked about bipartisanship and the end of crippling divisiveness in politics.Although himself born into a minority, he stands as a potent symbol for overcoming ancient social prejudice.I realize that we are all sick of talking about divisiveness, and everyone recognizes the political contradiction at work around us:Voters declare that they are sick of bitter partisanship while constantly sending the most partisan politicians to washington. If you demand that the president turn into a nocompromise, down the line liberal, you are adding fuel to this contradiction and making it far worse to reach any meaningful change.Obama has hammered that point home, and we can set aside what it has cost him. In electoral terms, what republican candidate is even trying to make america feel united?Always a smalltent party, the republicans win when they manage to cobble together splinter interests.As long as gun owners, western ranchers, social conservatives, religious fundamentalists, and white males can find a suitable candidate, a viable presidential race can be run.But even the most optimistic republican strategists realize that all their candidates, with the possible exception of romney, are dividers.The irony is that romney divides republicans, because he won’t tilt toward tea party extremism. You may not accept my analysis of leadership, but by his words and deeds this is the line that the president has been following and continues to follow.He realizes Ralph Lauren Dresses that the level of the problem(Fear, insecurity, divisiveness, uncertainty, frustration, anger)Isn’t the level of the solution.The level of the solution is to fulfill the three needs just outlined.Trapped in their ideology and hostility to progress, the republicans aren’t even on the map in these areas.Next november the pivot point won’t be the economy, not alone at least.The pivot will be whether the electorate wants its needs fulfilled or its anger expressed.I know it’s a tossup, but i can’t blame the president for not doing what leaders need to do.

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June 2011 entries Summer parties are the best aren’t they?The weather is nice, the food is made on the grill and you’re gathered with all of your friends.If you’re having a big gathering it’s a good idea to have a few games planned to entertain yourself and your guests. Here are a few of our favorite summer party games. Croquet.Now don’t laugh.I recently played this for the first time in years and i had a blast.Everyone chuckled when we wheeled out the set and everyone laughed when i made the course;But lo and behold everyone had a blast playing.So dust off your set and get ready for some good times. Corn hole.For a game based on a sixth grade carnival game, it’s coming back in a big way.This is a great summer game because all ages can play and it’s a fun game to watch.Now, it would be the absolute perfect game if i could convince my grandma to give it a shot. Volleyball.There is one ground rule you have to set and agree to before you start and that is how serious are you going to take the game?If there are little ones playing then probably not too serious.If it’s only adults then the game will be a more serious.The problem is when there is a mix of age groups.The reason i stress this is because it can be a little awkward if a 6 footer spikes on a thirteen year old.Set ground rules before you start to avoid the awkwardness. (See meet the fockers for a visual explanation of what can go wrong. ) Horseshoes.This is a summer time classic.I’m always a little disappointed if i go to a summer party and they don’tHave horseshoes.Don’t disappoint your guests;Have horseshoes. Bocce.This is a great game because it allows a large number of people to play, while allowing immense enjoyment for those watching.It’s even better playing on a lawn that’s a little bumpy because then it becomes an even more enjoyable and frustrating game. These are all great day time summer games.But what happens when the sun goes down?Are you just going to go home?I didn’t think so.Here are two late night summer party games. Ghosts in the graveyard.You remember the game don’t you?And you remember how incredible it was? (If you forgot here are the rules to ghosts in the graveyard. )I would imagine people would be hesitant to play, but will be all in once the fun starts. Flashlight Ralph Lauren Mens UK tag.This game depends on having charged flashlights ready to go. (Finding more than one working flashlight at my house is always an issue. )So if you plan on playing make sure you have the requisite number of flashlights for everyone to play. These summer games should serve you and your guests well.If you have any summer favorites, leave them in the comments below.After a pretty miserable season there is reason to celebrate, a reason to look forward to next season.With a savvy front office willing to make moves, i can’t wait for the draft.Of course, cleveland wasn’t the only team that was bad last year, so why not throw a nba draft watch party? This will be a clevelandcentric based party, so just change it up based on your hometown. Decorations.Hang banners/jerseys/pennants from the glory years of your respective franchise.In fact, display all memorabilia from all of your teams.You want to build a lot of good karma for the newly drafted players. Cleveland food.I’m going for an all around cleveland feel for this draft party.So before the actual draft i’ll be serving delicious corned beef, hot dogs with cleveland stadium mustard, pierre’s ice cream, malley’s chocolate.And of course great lakes brewing company beer to wash it all down.Is this the healthiest menu of all time?No, not at all.Will it be delicious?Of course it will be. Activities.I’m going to have an inflatable basketball(Or two)And i’m going to challenge everyone to dunk contest.Because it’s inflatable basketball, the chances of hurting ourselves(Or my flatscreen)Is minimal.Another activity is having a gentlemen’s bet on the draft itself.Who’s going to be the number one pick?The number two?The sixth pick?Nobody really knows, so you’re guess really is just as good as the experts.This is also a way to keep everyone interested in the draft all the way through. Enjoy your nba draft watch party. The kids started with pirate crafts.There were wooden frames and pirate hats that they could decorate with pirate stickers and letter stickers.They were great favors and the kids have been wearing their hats everyday since the party. The best part, i thought, was the ocean scene setter.The mom had out pirate accessories like hooks and swords.They took pictures of all the kids and sent them to everyone with their thank you notes.We now have anAdorable pirate frame from the party with a picture of my kids as pirates.Adorable. Centerpieces were simple pirate treasure chests with balloons coming off the top.Gold doubloons, treasure maps and jewels were scattered on the table.June 2012 entries In honor of my mother’s upcoming birthday, i decided to throw a surprise party in her honor!Since she’s just the best, i needed to come up with the perfect theme.Well, that was easy baking!As you may remember, my mom makes the most amazing cakes!She has made them(And sold many)During my life and the”Sweetness”Of the theme made it a perfect fit. I started with a party411 staple, a custom caricature invitation.I incorporated my red, pink, teal and white theme into the invitation and i think it turned out great! Then it was time to plan the details.I had far too much fun looking for delicious baking theme ideas for the party.I couldn’t have been happier with the final result.Take a look! Seating cards were mini rolling pins that i found online, attached to a card with the seating information.I added a fun sign and a framed copy of the invitation. (Don’t forget to show off the invitation if you’re having a surprise party it’s the first time the guest of honor gets to see it! ) Here are just a few of the cakes from the book.The amy cake was for one of my birthdays! I loved how the tables turned out.I borrowed these gorgeous cupcake stands.I created cupcake wrappers in my event colors using my scrapbooking cricut cutting machine.They took forever, but turned out great on the stands and really dressed up the cupcakes. (The cupcakes i ordered from my local grocery store as easy as can be. )The tiny baking cups on the table?Those were filled with toppings(In the event colors, of course)For the cupcakes.M sprinkles, white chocolate chips and more.The kids at the party especially liked this touch. The favors were wilton frosting bags filled with hershey’s kisses and tied with ribbon.They were so armycapbadges simple, but great for the theme.That’s all the dcor.On to the big question, was she surprised?Take a look you tell me