Traininginfinance Hamilton Tote doesn’t have a leader yet

Adq leader dismisses plans for new party A former adq member of the national assembly says a new party could appeal to federalists and sovereigntists. (Canadian press)The leader of the action dmocratique du qubec is dismissing attempts by defectors from the party to replace it with a new rightwing party in the province. Although his party has been plagued by infighting following the resignation of founding leader mario dumont after the party was decimated in the last provincial election, grard deltell said he is convinced rightwing voters will continue to support the adq. “Over the last six years, many people have talked about another party,”Deltell said in a news conference monday in quebec city. “What was the result?Nothing.So, we’ll see what happens. ” Still, deltell admitted his party faces a significant challenge in preparing for the next election. “The road will not be easy.The road will be long.I’m just trying to do my best.I can say to everybody that if you want a real debate on the rightwing movement, well, come to our party.This is where the debate will go. ” Defectors plan to create party the yettobenamed party would be a coalition appealing to both federalists and separatists with conservative leanings, said organizer richard merlini, a former action dmocratique du qubec mna. It would tackle problems such as the province’s exploding debt while avoiding the national unity issue, merlini told cbc news in quebec city. “Our public finances are in a dire situation, our health system is in a dire situation, the education system and the dropout rate is horrible right now,”He said. “We need a party that will address those issues, no longer on a federalistseparatist axis but on a more conventional rightandleft axis. ” Merlini says the adq has failed as a party, but its rightofcentre policies remain relevant. “Tough choices have to be made”About pressing matters such as quebec’s growing debt, he said. (Jacques boissinot/canadian press) “Quebecers are clearly stating right now that they want a third party, they want a third voice in the national assembly.And of course with the [election] results of december 2008, it’s clear the adq no longer represents that voice. ” The adq was crushed in the 2008 provincial election, winning only seven of its former 41 seats.Mario dumont stepped down after Traininginfinance Australia the defeat, leaving the party flailing. Gilles taillon was elected leader with a razorthin margin only to Cheap Traininginfinance Handbags be ousted by party insiders a few weeks later.Deltell, a former political journalist, was named as his replacement. “The adq was mario dumont.And it’s still mario dumont, i would say. ” A new party would have a tough time getting off the ground unless it can attract its own brandname star to lead it, noreau said. The movement doesn’t have a leader yet, merlini said.There has been speculation other expoliticians, including former health minister philippe couillard and former pq premier lucien bouchard, may Traininginfinance Bags Sale be interested in joining or leading the new party. Some marijuana growers in eastern ontario are keeping their eyes peeled this month for a legendary figure who they say roams the skies every harvest season.

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