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June 2011 entries Summer parties are the best aren’t they?The weather is nice, the food is made on the grill and you’re gathered with all of your friends.If you’re having a big gathering it’s a good idea to have a few games planned to entertain yourself and your guests. Here are a few of our favorite summer party games. Croquet.Now don’t laugh.I recently played this for the first time in years and i had a blast.Everyone chuckled when we wheeled out the set and everyone laughed when i made the course;But lo and behold everyone had a blast playing.So dust off your set and get ready for some good times. Corn hole.For a game based on a sixth grade carnival game, it’s coming back in a big way.This is a great summer game because all ages can play and it’s a fun game to watch.Now, it would be the absolute perfect game if i could convince my grandma to give it a shot. Volleyball.There is one ground rule you have to set and agree to before you start and that is how serious are you going to take the game?If there are little ones playing then probably not too serious.If it’s only adults then the game will be a more serious.The problem is when there is a mix of age groups.The reason i stress this is because it can be a little awkward if a 6 footer spikes on a thirteen year old.Set ground rules before you start to avoid the awkwardness. (See meet the fockers for a visual explanation of what can go wrong. ) Horseshoes.This is a summer time classic.I’m always a little disappointed if i go to a summer party and they don’tHave horseshoes.Don’t disappoint your guests;Have horseshoes. Bocce.This is a great game because it allows a large number of people to play, while allowing immense enjoyment for those watching.It’s even better playing on a lawn that’s a little bumpy because then it becomes an even more enjoyable and frustrating game. These are all great day time summer games.But what happens when the sun goes down?Are you just going to go home?I didn’t think so.Here are two late night summer party games. Ghosts in the graveyard.You remember the game don’t you?And you remember how incredible it was? (If you forgot here are the rules to ghosts in the graveyard. )I would imagine people would be hesitant to play, but will be all in once the fun starts. Flashlight Ralph Lauren Mens UK tag.This game depends on having charged flashlights ready to go. (Finding more than one working flashlight at my house is always an issue. )So if you plan on playing make sure you have the requisite number of flashlights for everyone to play. These summer games should serve you and your guests well.If you have any summer favorites, leave them in the comments below.After a pretty miserable season there is reason to celebrate, a reason to look forward to next season.With a savvy front office willing to make moves, i can’t wait for the draft.Of course, cleveland wasn’t the only team that was bad last year, so why not throw a nba draft watch party? This will be a clevelandcentric based party, so just change it up based on your hometown. Decorations.Hang banners/jerseys/pennants from the glory years of your respective franchise.In fact, display all memorabilia from all of your teams.You want to build a lot of good karma for the newly drafted players. Cleveland food.I’m going for an all around cleveland feel for this draft party.So before the actual draft i’ll be serving delicious corned beef, hot dogs with cleveland stadium mustard, pierre’s ice cream, malley’s chocolate.And of course great lakes brewing company beer to wash it all down.Is this the healthiest menu of all time?No, not at all.Will it be delicious?Of course it will be. Activities.I’m going to have an inflatable basketball(Or two)And i’m going to challenge everyone to dunk contest.Because it’s inflatable basketball, the chances of hurting ourselves(Or my flatscreen)Is minimal.Another activity is having a gentlemen’s bet on the draft itself.Who’s going to be the number one pick?The number two?The sixth pick?Nobody really knows, so you’re guess really is just as good as the experts.This is also a way to keep everyone interested in the draft all the way through. Enjoy your nba draft watch party. The kids started with pirate crafts.There were wooden frames and pirate hats that they could decorate with pirate stickers and letter stickers.They were great favors and the kids have been wearing their hats everyday since the party. The best part, i thought, was the ocean scene setter.The mom had out pirate accessories like hooks and swords.They took pictures of all the kids and sent them to everyone with their thank you notes.We now have anAdorable pirate frame from the party with a picture of my kids as pirates.Adorable. Centerpieces were simple pirate treasure chests with balloons coming off the top.Gold doubloons, treasure maps and jewels were scattered on the table.June 2012 entries In honor of my mother’s upcoming birthday, i decided to throw a surprise party in her honor!Since she’s just the best, i needed to come up with the perfect theme.Well, that was easy baking!As you may remember, my mom makes the most amazing cakes!She has made them(And sold many)During my life and the”Sweetness”Of the theme made it a perfect fit. I started with a party411 staple, a custom caricature invitation.I incorporated my red, pink, teal and white theme into the invitation and i think it turned out great! Then it was time to plan the details.I had far too much fun looking for delicious baking theme ideas for the party.I couldn’t have been happier with the final result.Take a look! Seating cards were mini rolling pins that i found online, attached to a card with the seating information.I added a fun sign and a framed copy of the invitation. (Don’t forget to show off the invitation if you’re having a surprise party it’s the first time the guest of honor gets to see it! ) Here are just a few of the cakes from the book.The amy cake was for one of my birthdays! I loved how the tables turned out.I borrowed these gorgeous cupcake stands.I created cupcake wrappers in my event colors using my scrapbooking cricut cutting machine.They took forever, but turned out great on the stands and really dressed up the cupcakes. (The cupcakes i ordered from my local grocery store as easy as can be. )The tiny baking cups on the table?Those were filled with toppings(In the event colors, of course)For the cupcakes.M sprinkles, white chocolate chips and more.The kids at the party especially liked this touch. The favors were wilton frosting bags filled with hershey’s kisses and tied with ribbon.They were so armycapbadges simple, but great for the theme.That’s all the dcor.On to the big question, was she surprised?Take a look you tell me

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